Eating Healthy at Restaurants

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Sadly, there are a number of restaurants that barely offer any healthy options at all. The unhealthy steaks, lobster, fatty desserts loaded with sugar and dairy, and greasy foods are what sells. Even at the most unhealthy restaurants though, you can still find healthy options.

You’re going to have to put in a bit of effort and leave a nice tip. It’s worth it. If you’re going to a restaurant, you should check out their menu online first. Most every restaurant has a website. Sometimes, the websites will offer nutritional information to the dishes as well.

That will give you an idea of what you will be working with when eating there. If you really don’t see anything that will suit your needs, the best thing to do anyway is to have a meal created for you.

Request to the server specifically what you want. For example, it may be no dairy, gluten free, no oils, vegan, etc. After that, you can ask the server if the chef can create something for you given your needs. Rest assured, chefs love to do this. They enjoy exercising their creativity, and they enjoy having the freedom to put their true skills to wonderful use. It’s fun for them. They are happy to do so.

I assure you that is the absolute best route to take to ensure that you get what suits you while eating out, but if you don’t want to do that, you could create something yourself from the menu. Work with that they offer. Mix and match different vegetables. Create your own sandwich, soup, or entree by choosing one they already have and adding something in and/or leaving something out to work for you. If you have a salad, you can ask for no dressing, but lemon instead. You can even bring your own dressing. No shame.

This post is not to say that there are no healthy restaurants anywhere. There actually are many healthy restaurants. If you’re at a healthy restaurant, it will be even easier to choose your dish. Some restaurants are so healthy that you won’t even need to customize anything. I understand though that sometimes, we are in situations where a not-so-healthy restaurant is our option. Maybe you are attending a birthday dinner for someone, a party, a meeting, or just ran out of your own food and have to stop to eat while you are on the road. Whatever your reason and situation, don’t stress about it. Make the best of it. It’s always doable, and I hope these quick tips help you.

Truly, there are tons of restaurants – especially in big cities. Try out these restaurant apps to make things even easier for you: Open Table, Healthy Out, Vegan Finder, Happy Cow, Veg Out, Veggie Passport, Vegan Steven, and Vegan Xpress.

Happy Healthy Eating!

~ Jessica


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  1. Julie Kemeny

    I agree, Jessica! You can always find healthy choices no matter where you go!

  2. Julie

    Great suggestions! It’s not as hard as we might think. :)

  3. Zina

    Doing research is important. :)